About Me


Paris, France

I am Jean Pierre. I grew up in France. Paris, to be specific. Paris is my home-town. It’s the most amazing place you could ever see. I learned as a kid that I could go anywhere in the city and still feel at home. This was so helpful to me after earning my degree in computer science. I know that the industry here for computers is quite strong, allowing people like me to get the kind of job we want once we leave school.

In addition, I’ve done a lot traveling all over the world. I love to travel all over Europe. I’ve also travelled through much of Asia and Africa. In the process, I’ve talked to hundreds of people from all sorts of backgrounds.

My Nickname

While I love to travel, I also love the very idea of computers, PC and technology. This is how I got the the nickname PCetMac It is all about me being able to offer the kind of background and help that people need to understand computers better.

I’m happy being PCetMac because I know that it comes from me being a computer geek of a high level. I am totally a geek in so many ways. A proud and happy geek, pleased to share all I know about the world others who are also interested in this subjects in much the same way that I am. I do all kinds of computer related things.

Computers are my home. On this personal blog I writes about my many varied interests . My interests include the world of technology in general,as well PC’s of all kinds, Mac’s, Hardware and, of course, my right now that I really love as a web developer and a system administrator.

My Work

I work as a freelancer. My work includes a lot of jobs for many online casinos of all kinds such as No Deposit Bonus AB, LeoVegas, and Freespins AB. Oddly enough all the previously mentioned websites are in Swedish.

Yet for some reason my freelancing services have gotten very popular with Swedish online casino companies. I am very happy about this. It is not something that I am going to complain. Instead, I’m just so happy as working with them is a lot of fun. Also they are very nice, kind sweet people with lots of benefits. They also offer really great pay for my services.