I am a computer expert … but


In today’s world, it is more important than ever before to be fully aware of the various differences in technologies in front of us. Many people have some idea of computer terms but they don’t know exactly what such terms mean. I know that even I, a computer expert, am not always sure of certain terms and what such terms mean.

This is why I want to reach out my readers and talk about some basic terms that they may not fully understand. No one should be afraid of not knowing something. All too often, people are kind of scared when it comes to asking questions about technology. I want my readers to feel that I’m there for them and I will be happy to help them understand the world of technology in front of us even better each day. I know I can do that with my writing.

Hardware Vs. Software

One question that I see people asking and sometimes being afraid to ask is that of the differences in certain basic terms. For example, people are not always aware of the important differences between hardware and software. While these terms may look tricky, they are fairly easy to tell apart.

Simply put, hardware is all the stuff on the outside of the computer such as the housing that you’re holding in your lap to read this post. Hardware also include items such as the CPU or Central Processing Unit. This delicate item is highly important in making sure that the information in your computer can be easily accessed at any point.

CPUs are vitally important parts of any computer. Hardware is what the computer uses to make the software work. In general, hardware is more durable than software and less prone to breakage of any kind.

Software Is Important

While hardware is the generally the stuff on the outside of the computer, software are the items used inside of a PC. Examples of software include your internet browser such as Explorer or Chrome. Other example of software include code that helps your computer talk with computers in the other network.

Software is more delicate than hardware. Software can be created and easily modified once it is installed in your computer. Your computer will need software to work and function properly. Without it, you can generally turn on the computer but you really can’t get much done.

You need to have that software. Software developers are people who take our needs for specialized software and then use that need to create original pieces of software that we can all use.

Understanding how computers work is the best way to truly understand how to best use them for anything you want to do.