My Favorite Games

I love playing games of all kinds. As a web developer, one of the great things about my job is the opportunity to learn about all kinds of fun games. Playing games online is a great way to pass the time and have fun. You can also play games with others online at the same time. I’ve been able to play games with others both in France and all over the world as well. This is a fabulous way to reach out to others and form friendships of all kinds with people you’ve never before.


One of my favorite games to play online is Slitherio. This online game can be totally addictive. It looks really simple but it’s not. You enter the game as a single sort of worm like creature with only two body parts. The goal of your play with the game is to get larger and larger. You do this by eating bits of light that show up in front of you.

Some bits of light are larger and thus worth more points than others. When you eat more lights, you get bigger. Your goal is to get as big as you can. The catch? You’re competing against others at the same time. Should you crash into another worm, all your points are forfeit and the game is lost. Your goal is to get others to smash into you so you can also eat their points and grow much larger. This one is one you have to play in a single setting because you just can’t pause it. I like to play it when I’ve set aside a specific block of time to do so.


For a totally different but equally fun game, I head to a game like GeoGuessr. You start off plopped down somewhere on earth. Your goal? To guess where you are. The closer you get, the better. As a world traveler, this is one of my favorite online games I’ve ever played. You literally never know where you’re going to be in the game.

One moment you could be in the French countryside with a place that looks totally familiar. The next, you can be plopped halfway across the world to place like the Australian outback. Your job is to figure out where you area. I love this game. You can play by yourself or you can challenge someone else to play with you.


When I totally want to let myself veg out, I always go for Jigzone. Jigzone is where you can play jigsaw puzzles. You pick from a wide variety of pictures to use as pictures including pictures of all kinds such as flowers or more abstract pictures. You can also pick out the number of pieces of the puzzle. I like to go for puzzles that have as many as a hundred pieces.

You play against the clock. Your goal is to beat the times of those who have solved a particular puzzle before. It’s really relaxing to just sit down and pull up puzzle pieces of all kinds. I let my mind go and play around with all kinds of puzzles. The game is very simple but it’s the ideal thing to do at the end of a day a long day.