Personal computers have changed my life

Personal computers have changed my life in some many ways.

Thanks to the world of the PC, I can do all kinds of wonderful activities. I can reach out to others around the world as well as those down the next block from me. I can also take my PC anywhere I want to go.

So if I’m in the mood to be at home and still communicate with others, I can do just that . But if I want to take a trip ether near my house or even to another part of the world, I can pack up my PC and run with it. I can stay connected and in touch anywhere in the world with all the people I care about.


The Future of Computing

When I think about computers, I think about how far they have come just in the last years alone. In considering new potential developments of all kinds, I see some emerging trends that I expect to come to the forefront in the next years.

One thing that immediately comes to mind is that of size. I see that size has been getting ever smaller yet again. I know that it is possible for sizes to go down even further as we see the future. I think that the ordinary PC is going to be smaller. My view is that we can expect to see computers that have tremendous power yet are only the size of a paperback book.

The standard PC on the market, the basic laptop that we all see each day will be much more portable in the coming years. I think that standard PC today will be to fit in our hands right and not take up one’s entire lap. This should make working even more portable today and allow us even more flexibility.

Sturdier As Well

As I have found to my dismay, I have found that it is possible to have damaged PCs very easily. I think that today’s PC are often far too fragile and easy to break. We need to have PCs that are capable of standing up to the modern world and all that we face when we take our computers with us. For me, I’m sure that companies will be out there offering us machines that are tougher than ever.

I know hat PCs on the market right now allow for more durability. However, they are often very expensive. I see that computer makers will push for machines that have such features but are more inexpensive and easier on the budget for all concerned. They will be responsive to all our many needs for machines that are completely worry free even under harsh conditions.